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Internship In London Questions and answers

We at Internship In London have put together a list of most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What is an internship / work experience? 

An internship is a personal investment of your time in return for someone else’s expertise.  It is an opportunity for  you to put into practice your educational knowledge. An internship empowers you to learn, grow and develop.

Do you guarantee an internship?

Yes we do!

Why should I do an internship?

You should do an internship for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is your school or university requires you to undertake an internship. It is also a good opportunity to expose yourself to various sectors before deciding upon which future studies or career you wish to follow. You may also want to put your educational knowledge into practice before entering the job market.

Let’s not forget that this is a fantastic opportunity to have an exposure to a British and international business practices.

How long can I stay? 

The minimum stay is 6 weeks and there is no maximum duration, however stays of longer than 6 months are uncommon. The longer you stay the more you learn.

Are all your internships based in London?

Yes, all our internships are based in London. Most of companies are based in Central London.

I am from outside the EU, do I need a work permit or visa? 

Yes you will need a visa and we can help you with the process. There is a extra fee for a visa sponsorship.

We can offer an internship for all countries listed in our search, you must be min 18 years old and a valid passport from outside the EEA. Internship can be maximum up to 4 months. You will have to have sufficient support funds and pay all fees upfront.

Internship is available only to currently be a full-time degree level student, or a recent graduate (beginning your internship within 12 months of completing your studies).

Visa rules and regulations

– This visa is valid only for the internship and employer described in the Employer Application and Agreement – you cannot change your internship
– You must leave the UK on the visa expiry date but you may then be able to re-enter the UK as a tourist (not to work)
– This is a multiple entry visa so you can leave and re-enter the UK to travel during your internship as many times as you like
– Participants cannot take dependents (spouse, children) with them on this visa
– The whole visa application process including having your fingerprints taken will take a minimum of 8 weeks.
– You will be without your passport for approximately 15 business days during this process
– Visas are issued at the discretion of the British Government

These are the visa requirements

– Proof of current or recent student status i.e. your official transcript. Currently studying or within 1 year after graduation
– Copy of your passport information page
– You need to show that your balance is a minimum of £1000 on your account in a form of a bank statement for the last three months. Balance should not be at any point below £1000
– Insurance policy benefits covering you up to $500,000 for the duration of your internship and including medical repatriation
–  A reference from a previous employer or a professor
– IELTS (above 6.0) for all nationalities except: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
– A copy of your relevant visa if applying outside of your country of citizenship

Are there any restrictions on who can apply?

You must be minimum 17 years old and have a reasonable level of English. For visa countries there are requirements that must be fulfilled, please contact us if you are from outside EU.

What is the minimum level of English required?

The minimum recommended level of English you should have is ‘intermediate’ or a level ‘A2’ using the European Self Assessment Grid. You should be able to communicate without difficulty in English on various familiar/everyday situations.

Do you check my host companies before my internship?

We visit all companies before accepting them in the programme. During this visit we do checks to insure that companies are suitable to host an intern and that they fully understand what is being asked from them in terms of training and mentoring.

During your time at the company you will receive various communications from us and we may do an additional follow up with the company, this is a normal procedure.

Will I be paid?

We organise internships that are on voluntary basis and are therefore unpaid. Voluntary internships are designed for developing your current skills, gaining experience and industry exposure. It also fulfils needed training or school and university requirements.

What kind of experience can I expect to receive?

This will depend on many factors such as your level of English, length of stay, objectives and attitude. Depending on your progress the internship will be adjusted accordingly so that you can maximise your potential.

At all times you will have a mentor who will check and adjust your training ensuring continues growth and personal and professional development.

Will the host company want to interview me?

Some companies wish to interview interns as a matter of procedure and maintaining standards. Other companies may have  doubts over your level of English or may be keen to discuss your traning porgramme.

If you are not already in UK then a telephone interview will be arranged and normally it will be you who phones the host company for the interview, in the same way you would go to the company’s office for a personal interview.

Will my host company give me a job after the internship? 

They are not obliged to do this, however it can happen and typically 10% of all interns are offered permanent contract positions within their host company. If this happens you will be responsible to deal directly with the host company on all issues regarding contracts and payment.

Is it expensive to do an internship?

Surprisingly no! There is one fee per placement no matter how long you stay. Even for the minimum stay of 6 weeks, the cost of an internship is cheaper (per hour) than a language course for the same 6 weeks. Also as there is only one placement fee, a 12 weeks internship will cost the same as a 6 weeks internship (excluding accommodation).

Can I get completion certificat at the end of my internship?

Yes, official certificate are available from Internship In London upon reqest.  This certificate will provide you with confirmation of your start date, duration, and host company name. It will not specify which tasks you performed.

If needed you can request a written references letter from your host company they will list some of your daily tasks or give more detail about your internship.

Will my personal details be secure?

Yes, your personal information will not be used for any purposes other than those related to your work experience, school or accommodation. Unless you specifically authorize your details will not even be shared with other interns for friendship purposes.  Payment details such as credit card details are not stored in our system.


Guaranteed internship: £ 695.00

Juka Admin Fee: £350.00

Host family:

Single room (room only): £ 155.00 per week
Single room (breakfast): £ 165.00 per week
Single room (half board): £ 190.00 per week

Student apartments:

Single room: £ 200.00 per week
Twin room: £ 160.00 per week

*All apartments’ bills and taxes included.

Accommodation in a host family

What are the advantages?

The advantages are that you will not have to worry about things like food shopping, utility bills, laundry, isolation, security deposits, etc. The families are caring and they will give you an extra support during your stay. You will have a better understanding of British way of life.

What are the disadvantages? 

The disadvantages are that you should abide by house rules and as every family is differen so are the rules and customs. However most host families will open their home and treat you as an adult, granting you certain freedoms, but it is always important to remember that you are a guest in their house and will not have the same freedom as you would if living in your own rented accommodation.

What is included in the price?

Included in the price is single room accommodation,electricity and gas, hot water, laundry washed once per week (but you must do your own ironing). Depending on your booking breakfast and evening meal may be included. If family has a internet most likely you will be able to use same one free of charge.

What are the rooms like and will I have my own bathroom? 

Rooms vary greatly in size and you may have either a single or double bed. Table or desk, chair, wardrobe or similar storage, heating appliance and table lamp are standard. Bed linen is also provided. You will not have your own bathroom and it’s very unlikely that you will have a TV in your room.

How far will I live from my host company?

We endeavor to place you as close to your host company as possible, normally on a direct transport link. London is a very big city and travel times of 45 minutes to 1 hour is normal travel time.

What if my friends/parents/partner want to visit me? 

You may ask your host family if they can stay with you but the family are under no obligation to accept. If the family does accept, always offer to pay for the stay as if staying in a guesthouse. Otherwise there are various options for hotels/hostels/guesthouses available in London.

Are there many rules in a host family?

You will need to check with your host family when you arrive what rules they may have in place. Normally you will be granted freedom to come and go as you please, but please remember communication and politeness are the key to a successful stay.

Always ask before taking something which is not normally included in your stay. This will make your stay more comfortable if you can establish good open communication with your host family.

What if I have a special diet or allergies? 

When making your booking you will be asked to detail any medical requirements, special dietary needs, or allergies you may have. These will then be passed on to the host family before your arrival so they are aware of your needs.

It will also be helpful if you remind the family when you arrive of any special requirements as host families do generally take interns/students from many different agencies and there is always a chance they may forget about your particular needs.

If I don’t want a host family, what other options do I have? 

There are other options available like student apartments to share.

Accommodation in Student Apartment

How many people are there in a flat? 

There are other options available like student apartments to share.

Do I have to share my room?

Only if you chose a shared room. You will be sharing your room with another student of the same gender. If you prefer to have your own privacy you can opt for a single room.

Will I have my own bathroom? 

This won’t be possible, as bathrooms (and kitchen) are always shared.

Do I have to clean the flat? 

Yes, you will have to clean your room as well as common areas (kitchen, bathroom…) in your flat when needed, as there is no cleaning service provided.

Are bills included in the rent?

Yes, they are.

What is the average age of students in the apartment?

Not all students staying in the apartments will be on an internship programme. They could be either studying or working. You could be living with 18 years old students as well as 28 years old workers. Therefore student’s apartments are usually preferred by University’s students.

Is there a housekeeper?

Not all apartments have a housekeeper. If you have any problems (light bulbs need to be changed or to run through a few details in your flat…) you need to contact us.

Are bed linen and towels provided? 

Bed linen is provided, as well as kitchen utensils, but you will have to provide your own towels.

Is there a laundry room in the apartments? 

Laundry rooms/machines are provided only in some apartments, Many laundrettes will be located at almost every corner and have your clothes washed for few pounds.

What if I have problems with my co-tenants? 

Communication and respect are extremely important when living in students’ apartments. You should be tolerant and talk with your flat mates. Should there be any problems, the best thing is to use a rota e.g times for bathroom, cleaning rounds… On your first day if you see things don’t that bother you please contact the housekeeper, the accommodation office or IIL staff.

Will I be able to speak English in the students’ apartments? 

Of course you will! Students’ apartments are full of international students, from EU and over, therefore you will need to use English as a common language with them. It could happen that people living with you will be coming from your same country, and so speaking your mother tongue – we cannot control that, it will be your choice to talk with them in English or not!

Is there an Internet connection in students’ apartments?

Not all students’ apartments have an Internet connection. You can buy an USB dongle at any mobile operator and use it on your laptop or visit an Internet cafe which are fairly cheap, (Starbucks, public libraries or buy an UK SIM card with an Internet offer to use it on your mobile).

Can I bring my pet in the apartment? 

Pets are not allowed in the apartments.

Can my friends/relatives come to visit me?

Sure they can, but guests are not permitted to stay overnight.

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