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JUKA Consulting Ltd

JUKA Consulting Ltd is an independent establishment the UK’s consulting service provider since 2007 in Work and Travel UK.

The Juka Consulting Ltd is working in partnership with some college / universities / training centre.

We offers a wide range of professional programmes: English languages, International language, HS&E test, CSCS card advice.

Programmes accredited from English language schools / university of UK. All programmes accepted by professional institutions.

Our highly qualified staff are always available to help to every student, entering the courses to succeed.

Juka Consulting Ltd welcomes all students from diverse backgrounds.

Juka Consulting Ltd is staffed with the education consultant .


It is the aim of Juka Consulting Ltd to:

  • deliver to its clients an affordable educational experience of high quality
    support an approach to education which is in harmony with the best traditions
    provide educational opportunities in line with the needs and wishes of the company’s constituency


The Company exists primarily for its students who have a right to expect that all staff will be welcoming, and will maintain a high level of professionalism in the service they provide.

Juka Consultinhg Ltd trusts its employees to embody the principles in their everyday transactions. It stands for the view that all persons have equal value, and therefore they deserve to be treated justly, and accorded respect regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, age or disability.

It is thus vital for all to show maintain loyalty to each other and to students, though this will not obscure the need for mutual accountability. Among other things this involves maintaining a high level of confidentiality when the situation demands.



The Juka Consulting Ltd mission is to help client achieve their career goals, cultivate lifelong learning, and promote respect for diversity in a global community.


The location is a big advantage for company, as it’s situated in City of Westminster, heart of London and students will have lots of opportunities to entertain themselves while studying. Our doors are open for everybody and new students are very welcome.

City of Westminster area known for its picturesque parks and entertainments. Nowadays the area is mostly known for the enormous dome of the House of Parliament, Big Ben, which is a London landmark. In addition to this the area boasts a diverse number of cafes and restaurants providing cuisines from around the world.

We are conveniently located close to Victoria station and Pimlico underground stations, allowing students easy access to Juka Consulting Ltd and also allowing them to explore London.

All information on the website for public non-commercial information only.

Juka not provide financial services.

Individual request from the client only.

Ms Jurita Kalite Chief Executive of Juka Consulting Ltd certification:

  • Undertakings by Jurita Kalite with Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited  c/o  Ref: HPJ/CON/106/35 date 26 April 2016 read here
  • Since November 2011 the JUKA  became friends member The Latvian British Chamber of Commerce (LBCC) and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).
  • Mrs Jurita Kalite is writer guidebook about Work and travel UK. The right of Mrs Jurita Kalite to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by her in accordance with the UK Copyright Service: UK©CS. Registration No.330354.
  • Book published in Great Britain in 2011 by JUKA by printed, registered in England and Wales Ref.No.1415430803.
  • Wikipedia: The copywriter agreement keeps in archive OTRS ref. 2011062510008637.