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Portrait of Masik 2018, Jurita, 2018, acrylic 40 x 30 cm

Portrait of Masik 2018, Jurita, 2018, acrylic 40 x 30 cm


Author: Jurita Kalite (Kalitis) (London)
Curator: Sergey Minin (Estonia)
Title of the work: “Portrait of Masik”
Material and technique: acrylic on canvas on cardboard.
Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm
Place and time of creation: The painting was created by the russian/english artist Jurita under controls of curator Sergey Minin, in his art studio in Tallinn, Estonia, October 18, 2018. Artist’s curator Sergey Minin taking control painting process and of how her painting were seen during process. Sergey Minin also took steps to control painting future display.

Signature: In the lower right corner, the author’s signature “Jurita”. In the lower left corner, the curator’s signature and date of creation “Minin 2018” are applied with dark paint.


In the genre of animalistic portrait, it is dedicated to the image of the artist’s favorite dog. The artist subtly feels and conveys the features of Masik (Bad Boy Tyler in pedigree). 

The dark figure of a portrait of a dog in the center of the composition. “Portrait” resemblance amazingly, everyone who saw the animal instantly recognizes it in the portrait. Shaggy the dog’s coat flows on the canvas and delicately frames expressive eyes. The artist is very unobtrusive and professional viewer to Masik’s gaze, which is turned into the soul of the viewer.

The background surrounds it from below and to the right, is drawed by warm colour as vibrant red & orange light ocher from above, turning into dark brown and called as “Rembrandt’s light” , which organically passes into the dog body, simultaneously dynamically fits into the format of the painting.

The composition is very stable, classically seasoned and allows you to pay all the attention to portrait similarity, based on a complex semantic center lying on round base. What gives the composition fundamental thoroughness.

The coat of the animal is very finely spelled, here the artist’s skill most obvious. Technically, the work was performed impeccably.

Has a cultural art collection value.


The frame for the picture is custom-hand-made in Europe on request, especially for this portrait, and brought to England as Special baggage by airline. A frame from a natural leaf’s tree. Gilding of the frame is made with gold leaf.

This artwork is part of family collection of artist.

Jurita Kalite (Kalitis) constantly practicing painter, works in the genre of landscape, animalistics, still life.

Provenance include a certificate of authenticity from a recognised art expert Sergey Minin, signed and dated 19 October 2018.

Sergey Minin Awards, Honors, and Memberships:

  • Union of Watercolorists of Estonia,
  • Member of the board of the Association of Russian Artists in Estonia,
  • Chairman of the Association of Russian Artists of Estonia,
  • Member of the Expert Panel since 2016
  • Council on Church Art,
  • Council on Architecture and Restoration of the Russian Orthodox Church
    Moscow Patriarchate,
  • Employee of the Publishing Department and the Department of Construction and
    restoration of the Estonian Orthodox Church MP)