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Internship in London

Job Vacancy: Internship in London

Salary: contact our intership team

Location:  Greater London

Job Type: employee

Category: Admin

Sectors: Internship in London offers internship placement in the following sectors:

  • Internship in Accountancy
  • Internship in Advertising
  • Internship in Architecture
  • Internship in Art & Culture
  • Internship in Business Administration
  • Internship in Event Management
  • Internship in Fashion
  • Internship in Financial Services
  • Internship in Graphic and Web Design
  • Internship in HR and Recruitment
  • Internship in Hotel and Catering
  • Internship in IT
  • Internship in International Trade
  • Internship in Journalism
  • Internship in Law
  • Internship in Marketing
  • Internship in Media
  • Internship in Public Relations
  • Internship in Real Estate
  • Internship in Sales
  • Internship in Social Media
  • Internship in Translation
  • Internship in Travel and Tourism
  • Internship in Voluntary and Charitable Sectors

Job Description

Guaranteed internship placement with Internship In London!

No other company in the UK guarantees an internship placement. Internship In London is working with over 1900 companies who take interns through Internship In London. Please read the following information on our internship programme:

Who can apply?

To be eligible for an Internship In London placement, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Hold EU-EEA passport or valid visa
  • Be aged 17-35
  • Have a reasonable level of English
  • Be available for a minimum of 6 weeks internship placement

For non EU-EEA Visa info:

If you are from non EU-EEA then you will need a visa and we can help you with the process. There is an extra fee of £700.00 for a visa sponsorship.

We can offer an internship for all countries listed in our search, you must be a minimum 17 years old and have a valid passport from outside the EEA. Internship can be maximum up to 4 months. You will have to have sufficient support funds and pay all fees upfront.

Internship is available only to currently be a full-time degree level student, or a recent graduate (beginning your internship within 12 months of completing your studies).

Visa rules and regulations

– This visa is valid only for the internship and employer described in the Employer Application and Agreement – you cannot change your internship
– You must leave the UK on the visa expiry date but you may then be able to re-enter the UK as a tourist (not to work)
– This is a multiple entry visa so you can leave and re-enter the UK to travel during your internship as many times as you like
– Participants cannot take dependents (spouse, children) with them on this visa
– The whole visa application process including having your fingerprints taken will take a minimum of 8 weeks.
– You will be without your passport for approximately 15 business days during this process
– Visas are issued at the discretion of the British Government

These are the visa requirements

– Proof of current or recent student status i.e. your official transcript. Currently studying or within 1 year after graduation
– Copy of your passport information page
– You need to show that your balance is a minimum of £1000 on your account in a form of a bank statement for the last three months. Balance should not be at any point below £1000
– Insurance policy benefits covering you up to $500,000 for the duration of your internship and including medical repatriation
–  A reference from a previous employer or a professor
– IELTS (above 6.0) for all nationalities except: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
– A copy of your relevant visa if applying outside of your country of citizenship

Documents needed:

Internship In London require the following documents to organise your placement:

  • Internship programme application form, submitted on line
  • Valid Passport/ Visa that allows you to undertake an internship in the UK
  • CV in Word format in English
  • Letter in English to proposed host company (motivation letter in Word format)

Intership fields offered:

In addition to the list above, Internship In London  also offers a wide variety of  internship placements in other fields. If you wish to make sure that we can offer an internship in your desired sector please contact us first.

Intership for University credit:

University projects / requirements:

If you are required to carry out an internship project for your university qualification and you are under a lot of pressure regarding this, we have good news for you! We have a 100% assignment completion success rate for all students placed by us.

You will need to send the assignment to us, we will then inform the company and they will help you in completing what is required. Whilst this process may seem daunting to you as you have your university requesting many criteria to be fulfilled, we have successfully completed this process many times and often companies involved know what needs to be done, as many of the managers have had to do the same themselves for thier universities.

We will be happy to talk to your university co-ordinator as well as send them any contracts to ensure that the internship placement offered by us is accepted by your university. All documents that need to be signed before or during your placement will be signed in time. Any projects assigned to you by your University will be completed in time. Our vast experience with university requirements always ensures that every student completes their intenship placement with success.

Company selection profile:

Internship In London works closely with over 1900 companies. The size and profiles of these companies vary enormously. Some of these are smaller companies with few employees whilst others are larger ones with hundreds or even thousands of employees; so  often we get asked “where is it best for me to do my internship placement?”

It really depends on what you are looking for. Smaller companies usually involve interns in all aspects of their business. You will have contact with everyone from the Company Administrator to the Company Director. You will be able to get a wide range of experience and understanding on all aspects of company life. Usually smaller companies are more personal with interns.

Larger companies usually have a set of standard procedures in place so you will have an introduction to working for a big company.You will however not necessarily have contact with senior staff or even all departments but mainly with your direct supervisor. The internship will be more structured and you are more limited with regards to exposure across the company.

Where you choose to do your internship placement is up to you. A smaller company with more learning opportunities or a larger one for a taste of corporate company procedures.

Company locations:

Internship In London works with companies which are located throughout London, however most of them are in the City of London, Central London or Canary Wharf– the three main business districts. Some companies with specific profiles (e.g. logistic, transport, airlines) are based outside of London’s city centre.

What you can expect from companies:

A mentor and/or supervisor will be appointed to you for the duration of your internship placement to help you to fully engage with your internship projects as successfully as possible.

Regular monitoring will take place and tasks adjusted to suit your ability if needed depending on factors such as your experience, language , skills etc. All projects will be clearly explained.

The company will initiate training and induction to all its relevant company policies, rules, rights and obligations, along with suitable health and safety policy inductions and guidance.

The company will normally help you with any university tasks and projects which may be part of your university requirements.

The company will issue a letter or certificate at the end of your internship,confirming your internship placement and giving a summary of details of your performance upon your request.

What the company is expecting from you:

Throughout the internship placement you should be positive, flexible and willing to learn. You must be punctual, presentable and professional and follow the same code of conduct as other company employees.

It is expected that you will use your time in the company effectively to show initiative, enthusiasm and commitment to completion of your internship.

Intern should observe any reasonable requirements asked of them, particularly concerning any instructions given, dress codes enforced and rules of the internship placement.

You must not abuse the facilities in the host company. Unauthorised personal telephone calls, incoming or outgoing, are not allowed unless otherwise specified.

You must undertake your internship placement maintaining a professional work ethic and perform the tasks in a business-like manner.

You should try to use initiative. If you do not understand what is being asked from you then before undertaking the project ask for further clarification or assistance from your supervisor or mentor.

All interns should look after all interests of the host company and exercise the greatest discretion regarding facts and information that become part of your knowledge during the internship placement. You must not, in any manner whatsoever, disclose to any unauthorised person any documents or information.

You should not during your internship placement maintain or encourage any professional connections with third parties which could create a conflict of interest with your host company.

All interns should carry out set tasks to the best of his or her ability.

Intership application procedure:

After submitting the application form and paying the 10% deposit and Juka Admin Fee you will be contacted by your placement manager from Internship In London who will discuss your requirements.

Guaranteed Internship: £695 (10 % Deposit: £69.50)

JUKA Admin FEE: £350 (non return)

At this point you will need to provide your CV (curriculum vitae) and motivation letter by e-mail within 48 hours. Both documents need to be in a Word format. You will receive an e-mail with samples of CV’s and Motivation Lettes.

If the company that you originally selected at the time of booking is not able to offer you an internship placement, an alternative company in the same field will be allocated. You will be offered up to a maximum of 3  internship placements in your selected field. Intern will have to decline the first offer before being presented with the second or the third option. The refused offers will no longer be available.
If the intern does not accept an internship offer relevant to his/her fields no refunds will be offered

Internship In London will be sending your documents and communicating with companies on your behalf.

Intership placement procedure:

Once a suitable company is interested in your profile, they may want to speak with you over the phone or via Skype. The purpose of the interview can be to get more certainty about your skill set, how you would fit in with their team or just to introduce themselves to you. This is your time to shine and make a ‘good first impression’, so try and make the most of it. Do some preparation by searching relevant information about the company via the web, do some interview rehearsals with friends, etc. If you need additional help, please request our ‘Interview tips document’ from any team member of Internship In London.

If the company requests an interview you cannot refuse it, you need to show initiative and be available at the time requested by the company. Arranging an internship is teamwork which means there is an active role for you. We expect you to be accessible by phone and that you reply to our emails within 24 hours. Any planned holidays or absences have to be communicated with us in advance.

In some cases the company might take you on without an interview, this is common practice. This means that we have successfully negotiated your internship with the company and you are ready to start. In the event that you are not satisfied with the offer, we will continue searching for a new placement. We can offer you a maximum of three internship offers.

This means that you have to decline your first offer before being presented with the second or the third option.  The company will not re-offer an internship if you have initially refused it. So please; if the first one feels ‘right’, be decisive and do take the opportunity!

The official confirmation of placement – placement agreement -will be sent to you on behalf of the company outlining the company details, internship placement descriptions and both your and the company’s obligations. At this point a full invoice will be issued for the internship placement to you along with any other services ordered and this must be paid in full within 7 working days or paid immediately if your arrival is sooner than 7 days.

First and Last day at the company:

It is very important you are on time for your first day of your internship placement, so we advise you to visit the company’s location before your first day so you are familiar with its location. Remember- punctuality is very important in the UK.

Please note that on your first day your manager or person who is responsible to open the office may be late, this can happen as the metro system can cause delays. If this is the case you shoud wait on site until the office is open.

Make sure you introduce yourself on arrival and smile,  first impressions are very important! The first few days will be quite slow, as you will need time to adjust yourself.

Your last day of your internship is very important, you will still need to do your tasks as you would on any other day. Some companies may prepare a small surprise for you , so make sure you go to your company on the last day and that you ask for a letter & reference from your manager. We can also provide an ‘internship certificate’ as well, just ask us.

Intership and payments:

All internship placements are unpaid, however some companies may assist you with local travel costs, or lunch costs.  Some companies may give you other benefits. This is at the discretion of the company and it is not guaranteed.

If you communicate with the company before starting your internship placement, you should not ask them to contribute towards any of your expenses. It is best that you wait to start your internship placement first.

A company may inform you of any benefits they could potentially offer you before starting your internship or they may wait to see how you perform. Remember that the company will spend a lot of time and resources on training you and developing your skills, this is the best form of payment that you can get!

Problem with intership placements:

Occasionally problems can occur during your internship, if so you must contact us before taking any action. We have many years of experience arranging internship programmes and we will be willing to listen, carefully evaluate the situation and advise you on how best to resolve it.

One problem that can arise is if the intern is very capable but has a low level of understanding English, so communication with company staff can be difficult. This can make it challenging for the intern to undertake complicated tasks and can be frustrating for all involved. To avoid such situations if your level of English isn’t fluent we do advise you to consider taking a few weeks English Language classes before starting your internship. This may also enable you to gain better internship placements.

Another common problem is an unrealistic expectation. When an intern has their first internship placement they should not expect lots of responsibility .You will discover that companies will be willing to give you more tasks and more complicated challenges once you prove to them that you can accomplish basic tasks and that you are capable and willing to learn.

As with any internship you will need a few weeks to settle in . Give yourself a couple of weeks  to understand the company, your colleagues and your role before you can undertake more complex tasks. Remember they need to  have confidence in your abilities – and this takes a little time!

If you need a replacement company for genuine reasons one will be provided in the shortest possible time, usually within 2 weeks.

Intership terms of business 2016:

Intership Policy:

Interns must at time of applying book all services required in advance (accommodation, English classes, transfer). Should the intern require any of those service after applying / submitting booking form with Internship In London an additional fee may apply for last minute booking and Internship In London cannot guarantee that the service will be provided. Once services are requested they cannot be changed or altered, starting date cannot be postponed or changed, services cannot be added or taken out. All information on the booking form must be provided correctly, failure to do so may result in an inadequate placement for which Internship In London will not take responsibility.

After submitting the application for internship and/or any other services, 10% of the total amount is payable immediately as a deposit, via bank transfer, credit or debit card. Internship In London guarantee placement, in the unlikely eventuality that Internship In London fail to provide an internship placement or not accept your application, the full 10% deposit will be refunded. The 10% deposit is non-refundable if the student intern decides to cancel the programme for whatever reason, whether the student intern received programme details or not. The Intern cannot start any part of the programme before the full fee is received of the total programme fee. All payments are in GBR and any bank charges should be paid by the intern.

Interns are strongly advised to take out insurance to cover any cancellations. Internship In London is not liable for any loss or damage to a person or a property whilst providing it’s services. It is a basic stipulation of the agreement/contract between you the intern and Internship In London and/or our providers, that neither Internship In London or our providers will be liable in a case where Internship In London and/or provider is unable to fulfill any service to which we or the provider is contractually bound because of labor dispute, act of God or government, fire, natural disaster, power surge or any other act or condition beyond the reasonable control of Internship In London and/or the providers.

Internship in London can offer assistance regarding visa for visa countries for a extra cost of £700.00. This includes a visa and the assistance in obtaining one.  Visa requirements are: you must be a minimum 18 years old and have a valid passport from outside the EU/EEA. Internship can be maximum up to 4 months. You will have to have sufficient support funds and pay all fees upfront.

Internship is only available to students that are currently in a full-time degree education, or a recent graduate (beginning your internship within 12 months of completing your studies).

This visa is valid only for the internship and employer described in the Employer Application and Agreement. You cannot change your internship. You must leave the UK on the visa expiry date but you may then be able to re-enter the UK as a tourist (not to work). This is a multiple entry visa so you can leave and re-enter the UK to travel during your internship as many times as you like. Participants cannot take dependents (spouse, children) with them on this visa. The whole visa application process including having your fingerprints taken will take a minimum of 8 weeks. You will be without your passport for approximately 15 business days during this process. Visas are issued at the discretion of the British Government.


The minimum period for an internship is 6 weeks, there is no maximum.

The intern must submit the application form at least 6 weeks prior to their planned arrival date or start of the internship. Interns with bookings who are less than 6 weeks prior to their starting date must contact Internship In London first before applying. CV and motivation letters must be e-mailed to Internship In London within 48hrs after applying.

If the intern is fired from the company for poor performance, not complying with company rules or misbehavior, no alternative placement or refund will be offered by Internship In London. Interns are strictly forbidden to walk out on the company, interns must contact Internship In London before taking any action in the case of a problem. If the intern needs a replacement company for genuine reasons one will be provided in the shortest possible time.

If the company that the intern originally selected at the time of booking is not happy to offer an internship placement, an alternative similar level and profile company in the same field will be offered. The intern will be offered up to a maximum of 3 internship placements in a selected field. If the intern does not accept an internship placement relevant to their file no refunds will be offered.

Interns must be available for a telephone interview if the company requires to speak with the intern. Interns will be advised by Internship In London of the time and number that you must call or if they will call you. The full paid internship fee is non-refundable, before or after starting placement. Once placement is confirmed remaining balance must be paid within 7 days or immediately if arrival is sooner than 7 days.


To book accommodation with us you must do so at the time of applying. Any last minute, additional bookings for accommodation will accrue an additional booking fee of £100.

If we cannot offer accommodation in a host family an alternative will be offered in an apartment and vice versa. The minimum period in accommodation is 4 weeks, there is no maximum stay restriction.

If you book accommodation for part of your stay and after you want to extend your stay in the same accommodation this may not be possible. You may need to move to another one or there may not be any accommodation available at all, in that case Internship In London will not take responsibility. If you stay on an extra day or two, these extra days will be charged on a pro rata basis, (so your accommodation cost of one week will be divided by seven and for each extra day you will be charged the cost per day).

At the time of booking a non-refundable booking fee is payable of 10% of the total cost of accommodation. If you decide to cancel prior to arrival (whether you have received the host family / apartment details or not) or for whatever reason, the booking fee of 10% of the accommodation cost is non-refundable.

If you wish to cancel after arrival three weeks notice is required, if you wish to leave immediately and not give three weeks notice you will still be charged three weeks of the price of accommodation plus a £75 admin fee. If you give three weeks notice the only charge will be a £75 processing administration fee and the rest of the money will be refunded within 14 working days.

If you wish to change your accommodation you will need to give us three weeks notice and new accommodation will be offered if the reason for change is reasonable If you have any problem you must contact us and we will be happy to help, you are however not allowed to act on your own, for example if you leave your accommodation without contacting us first we will not offer you a replacement or refund. You will have to respect accommodation rules.

Language classes/school:

The school must be booked when submitting your application, the 10% school booking fee is non-refundable, a 10% deposit of the total cost is required at the time of booking to secure your place in the school. All full school fees, prior or after starting are non-refundable, we strongly advise you to take insurance to cover you for any cancellations, illnesses or similar.

The course cannot be transferred to another person or postponed to a different date. All courses start on Monday unless that Monday is a public holiday, in which case school starts on Tuesday. No refunds or credit will be given for public holidays when school is closed or for times when the student could not attend classes.

Students are obliged to call the school to inform them if they are unable to attend classes. Internship In London reserve the right to cancel the course, in that case a full refund will be made within 14 working days. If you wish to change your class you may be able to do so, but you will have to speak to your school director of studies and you will be moved to the requested class on his/her discretion. There may be an administration charge or price difference imposed by the school for such requests. Your English level will be evaluated on the first day by the Director of Studies and you will be put in an appropriate class for your level.

Any student who commits a criminal offense, violates the student code of conduct or school policies, has poor attendance or fails to pay any outstanding amount will be expelled or suspended. Any illnesses, allergy or disability must be reported at the time of booking. All students must be of good health; any change to a student’s state of health may result in them being sent home if they are considered unfit to complete their classes. Neither Internship In London nor the school can accept responsibility for a students’ personal possessions left unattended on school premises.

Airport Pick up/ Taxi:

You will need to provide exact arrival details in the form provided by Internship In London. Information must be correct; any incorrect information may result in non providence of service for which Internship In London will not take responsibility.

Your driver will wait in the arrival hall with your name on a board, if your flight/train is late no additional charge will occur, if you cannot see your driver you must call the number given to you in the arrival form and you must go to the information desk asking for a call to be put out for your driver, in addition you must call us.