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Butlers are quintessentially British. They represent the art of service. A trusted butler who anticipates everything and overlooks nothing is invaluable in a ‘time-poor’ world.

butler juka 3Hire a Butler

Agency butler instinctively knows what to do and how to act in every situation. Invisible but always available; they know who to meet and greet and when to disappear. Never flustered, they can help you as the host of your social event. They take care of the detail, leaving you free to socialise. They will serve canapés and dinner exactly when they’re needed. Quietly restore your internet connection, your surround sound and your smile. No drama. No fuss.

Agency have ensured the smooth running of a wide range of events and requests;

  • Private house and corporate events: receptions, lunch and dinner parties
  • Celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and christenings
  • Shooting/house party weekends
  • Director’s dining rooms and board room meetings
  • Catering and event companies resource
  • VIP areas and picnics at venues such as Royal Ascot
  • Butler gift vouchers – a unique present for the person who has almost everything
  • Special butler hand-deliveries
  • Corporate exhibitions, galleries, in-store drinks, product launches and TV production companies catering
  • The Butler Time Share – Silver and platinum package options for your share of a butler at a time and a cost that suits you
  • Permanent butler appointments all over the world

“I have to say our butler was absolutely amazing – really made the whole evening so special. He got involved in the theme (the antique car horn came in most useful for summoning people!!) and he was so incredibly helpful – he made such a difference. His cocktails were lethal! We all had a fabulous time and he was wonderful.”

Harriet Alexander 30th Birthday Party

Butler Talks & Demonstrations

Want to know what makes the perfect butler?

Agency offer fascinating talks and demonstrations on the fine art of being the perfect butler.

We can integrate your talk with the service of afternoon tea at a 5 star hotel such as the Mandarin Oriental, The Lanesborough or at a location of your choice. We will, on occasion, even leave a place setting for HM Queen (well, someone who looks very similar!) to make an appearance.

Agency talks and demonstrations cover:

  • The history of butlers
  • The role of the modern day butler
  • The role of the butler in The Royal Households
  • Modern etiquette
  • A demonstration of traditional butler and valet skills including
    • How to pack a suitcase
    • How to lay the perfect table
    • Wine cellar management

Butler & Valet Academy

The British butler remains the international standard bearer for exceptional service.

Our Butler & Valet Academy was launched at the Art of Being British event in 2011 and offer master classes for experienced professionals and introductory courses for those interested in entering the world of private service.
We cover key skills such as how to organise the perfect dinner party, wine cellar management, packing a suitcase, meet and greet through to managing and operating modern technology.

please email to sign up for our next course

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