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Отзывы клиентов

Дорогие друзья! Если вы хотите оставить отзыв о нашей работе, вы можете написать его в “комментариях”, расположенных под каждой статьей на главной странице нашего портала. Всегда к вашим услугам!
Ana-Maria Leonte
For me flexibility was the most important aspect a language class could have offered, mainly due to my strict working hours. However, at school I found not only flexibility but also a great team, with a friendly learning environment. Many thanks to school staff.
Ramesh Magan
I decided to enrol to a Web Design course and to get a new job. I came across an education establishment – education college and I have spoken to a teacher who gave me a all information regarding this course.
At college I gained new skills and new experience which will help me to get a new job.
I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in the Web Design. college is the best place to learn and take your carrier to the next level.
I just want to say to college: ‘Thank you for all your support to boost my career`
Stephanie Norris
I have found this course very informative and interesting, and the range of topics covered was excellent. Before starting the course I was not aware of what goes into being cabin crew, but this course was an eye-opener into everything that you would need to know. The tutor was very good in every class and was always there to help if there was anything we were not sure about. The training day at Virgin Atlantic was an added bonus to the course and was a really great opportunity to get a feel of how much training you would need to go through. We also had a chance to take part in some evacuation processes, which was fun! Overall, I think it is worth taking part in the course if cabin crew is a career you want to pursue, as you have the benefit of already having inside knowledge when it comes to applying for jobs.
Doroteya Dimitrova
My experience at Virgin Atlantic training as a part of Cabin Crewcourse I’m studying with college.
I enjoyed the whole day spend at Virgin Atlantic training centre. Everything was very exciting. The training instructors were very friendly and approachable; I absolutely loved performing the safety demonstration, and the most of all I enjoyed sliding down the slide descent. It was a great experience, I was listening and performing with great interest. Moreover, the amount of knowledge I gained in a day was incredible.
I’ve studied Spanish Course for Beginners and it was great. Enrique is just a wonderful teacher. It’s always a pleasure to attend classes. I will be continuing with the next level, as far as the studies were very interesting and it’s entertaining and easy to learn. I would highly recommend to everyone to enroll for this class at college. You’re not only being able to learn Spanish but to have a lot of fun.
Martin Chatham
I was fortunate enough to recently attend the 2 week Web Design Course at the college and found the course very interesting, useful and presented in an informal but professional manner which I found helped to keep concentration and learning levels very high. The college is new and modern with friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff, thanks to all of you there for all your help!
Josephine J. Gain
I did my MSc in multimedia at University of Westminster last year and web design was a module in my course. I wanted to specialize on that and was looking for short courses that deal with HTML, CSS, Javascript and other important areas to start as a web designer. I have checked many course providers and course contents and most of them were highly priced. Suddenly I came across college through an email which at first attracted me by its course content. And then I spoke to them, visited the office to know more about the course. I had to take the decision; I told myself that it’s now or never. I loved the course content, the hours of classes and the overall environment. Great friendly and helpful people and a very expert tutor. I had the chance to explore different types of real life examples that relate to my lessons. I did the 10 days intensive course which really works well. Also after every class I had unlimited access to use the lab. The whole 2 weeks were superb! I am really glad that I took the right decision at the right time. I do look forward to do more professional IT courses from this academy in future. This course helped me to understand the depth of different scripting languages and a right course can push someone’s skill much more forward in the competitive real world sector. I would highly recommend anyone to join “college” for different professional courses.
Theodora Simillidou
It was a fantastic experience. It’s a dream that came true and college helped me to make it true. Thank you for all your kindness and for making me feel like I was back home. I already miss my classes.
Я живу в Манчестере. Переслала в компанию все копии документов по электронной почте. Сотрудники компании очень оперативно все проверили и помогли мне решить проблему. Мне даже не пришлось для этого приезжать в Лондон. Очень удобно! Спасибо! Фаина С., администратор
Большое спасибо принимающей фирме – организация четкая, претензий нет. Гид на маршруте – это удивительный человек, которого отличает высокий профессионализм, любовь к своему делу, глубокие знания и потрясающая харизма. Сергей, 2011
Спасибо вам за отдых. Экскурсии отличные! Могу сказать, что следующий мой отдых будет обязательно с Вами, хочется вернуться к этим чутким людям снова и благодаря ним узнавать и увидеть, еще много интересного! В такой компании, действительно отдыхаешь! Марина, бизнеследи, Украина, Март 2011


Огромное спасибо принимающей семье в Лондоне. Очень внимательные. Экскурсия по Вечернему Лондону очень понравилась. Обязательно приедем еще к вам в гости! Юлия, Николай, предприниматели, Эстония

Давно собирались в Англию, очень хотелось посмотреть на страну великих мореплавателей…Знакомые порекомендовали эту компанию. Остались очень довольны. Спасибо. Будем рекомендовать друзьям. Александр Козлов, моряк.

Все нравится, продолжать в таком же духе! Алия С., студентка


К каждому студенту в компании работники подходят индивидуально, все подробно расскажут, объяснят. Я довольна и вам рекомендую. марина М., студентка


‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the professional, efficient and ever helpful way in which you assisted me and my family.’
Gill Cottrill.


Я очень доволен работой сотрудников компании. Очень быстро, профессионально, без сбоев. Спасибо, Побольше бы таких порядочных фирм! Василий, рабочий


Everything went perfectly like the last time I used the service. This is a very professional company at all levels and the process could not be simpler. Thanks a lot for your help.Ivan Chemarin.


I wish to thank your company most heartily for transferring my finances to Spain and for securing me an excellent rate of exchange. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to friends who wish to make similar moves. Janet Ford.


For service and efficiency, JuKa is one of the most impressive companies I have ever encountered. Susan Reader.David Gist.


I just wanted to thank you so much for taking a lot of the stress out of the emigration process. JuKa have been so attentive, personable and professional. Jill & Dave Wright.

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